Good Samaritan Tries to Break Up Fight & Is Nearly Beaten to Death By Kids He Was Helping (VIDEO)

skateboardWhat you are about to read will make you rethink the merits of being a good Samaritan. A gang of kids wielding skateboards nearly beat 25-year-old Viktor Silcock to death the other day in Huntington Beach, California. His crime? Trying to break up a fight! 

And as if the story weren't shocking enough ...


Viktor is apparently really well-known in his hometown. He's one of 59 disabled children adopted by Anna Belles and her wheelchair-bound husband. Amazing, right? Being raised by such a selfless couple, I wouldn't doubt that he grew up feeling as though you always help a person in need if you can. He probably had no idea such a good deed could potentially lead to his death.

I was especially bothered by the fact doctors had to remove part of his skull in order to reduce swelling on his brain. That just freaks me out. This poor guy -- just trying to do some good in the world, and he gets viciously attacked, his head bashed in with skateboards. It's so frightening to think of this being done by young teenagers ... you have to wonder what went wrong in their lives to make them so violent. What a sad story in so many ways, but I'm glad Viktor is doing better. Sure seems like he has a big group of people pulling for him!

Here's the news report; you can see his mom and some family photos, which I find fascinating (don't you want to learn more about this unusual family?):

Would you interfere if you saw a fight breaking out like this?


Image via dancingpapa2007/Flickr

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