Missing Kansas Baby's Body Found But Cops Won't Say Why She Died

Kyle FlackIf you've been following the sad story of Lana Leigh Bailey, the 18-month-old baby who went missing in Kansas last week, the news you least wanted to hear is in. Cops have found a baby's body, and they think it's the missing Kansas girl. Considering police had already charged 27-year-old Kyle Flack with killing Lana as well as her mother and two other adults, it was only a matter of time.

The discovery means the case can move forward in court.


It gives the prosecutors more ammunition.

But it doesn't explain anything.

These are the sort of news stories that give me agita. I'm not sure if it's voyeurism or simply a need to have things explained, to have them wrapped up neatly. Or maybe it's because the involvement of a child in crime always puts the mother in me on edge, makes me desperate for information to better protect my own child. 

I know I watched the search for Lana Bailey from afar, hoping that she'd be found alive (even while knowing, with a sinking heart, that it was unlikely).

We see children killed every day, but still we don't like to think of it happening. We can't wrap our heads around it.

And when it happens, we want answers.

Only none are coming out here.

Kyle Flack was arrested last week after the bodies of Lana's mother, 21-year-old Kaylie Bailey, and her friend, 30-year-old Andrew Stout, were found along with that of Stout's roommate, 31-year-old Steven White. But cops refuse to share a motive. They won't even discuss how Flack is connected to the three adults who he allegedly murdered at Stout's eastern Kansas farm.

One of White's relatives surmised drugs were involved in the murders, but the cops won't comment. All that is known about Flack is that he spent time in prison for attempted murder, but he was released in 2009. Since then he seems to have kept his nose clean -- or at least stayed out of jail.

So what gives? Why no motive? Why no connection?

And why has a guy who spent four years in jail on attempted murder for shooting his boss on the day he was fired allegedly escalated to murdering four innocent people, including a helpless child?

There's only one thing we really know for sure: a monster killed that little girl. And that monster must pay.

Have you been following the search for Lana Bailey? What do you think happened here?

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