Worker Dies in Blender in the Most Horrifying & Tragic Accident to Date

meat plant workerWhen you hear that a worker dies in a blender, a lot of things go through your mind, like, was this worker six inches tall and made of banana? Or did a bartender accidentally cut his wrists while fixing his frozen margarita machine? Unfortunately, it's more gruesome than you could ever imagine, and possibly more literal. It happened in Oregon: a cleaning worker fell into a running blender at a meat processing plant.

The details are pretty gruesome. Worse, an inspection of the plant a few months ago flagged this as a possibility!


An inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration last fall observed that the blenders weren't "locked down" during the cleaning process, and mentioned that an "unexpected start-up of the machine could cause injuries."

Beg pardon? Hugo Avalos-Chanon, 41, of Portland died from "blunt-force injuries and chopping wounds", and you're telling me someone knew this was a potential danger?

The fact that someone noted, in writing, that death by blender was a thing, and that nothing was apparently done about it, is terrifying. A thorough investigation is pending, but if the processing plant proves to be negligent, I hope Avalos-Chanon's family is compensated.

A fellow employee hit the emergency stop button on the giant blender when he saw Avalos-Chanon fall in, but it was too late. Authorities were called in to try and detangle his body from the machinery, which is an image more horrifying than any other, and the president of the meat processing plant says his death was "extremely unfortunate."

I'd call it gruesomely tragic and nightmare-inducing, but that's just me.

How awful is this?


Photo via Y/Flickr

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