Deadly Plane Crash Caught on Film in Shocking Footage That May Put You Off Flying (VIDEO)

plane crashA cargo plane crash in Afghanistan has claimed the lives of seven Americans and also been caught on dashboard cam in one of the scariest videos I have ever seen in my life. The plane (which looks the size of any commercial jet) first appears to take off normally, then it pitches to the side, spins, and crashes into the ground in a fireball.

The story is made completely tragic by the loss of life. As of yet, no one knows the exact cause of the crash, though shifting cargo in the back is one theory. What is clear is that for many, this video is going to be too disturbing to watch.

Truly, if you have any kind of fear of flying, DO not watch this. See below:


It's especially harrowing to know that there were people on that flight who lose their lives.

Still, for anyone who has a fear of flying, it's exactly the nightmare in your mind's eye when it comes to flight. Most plane crashes are never seen by witnesses, so this makes it especially frightening.

Or maybe we are all so traumatized by the images of 9/11 that any time we see a plane in the sky, we can imagine the worst. Every time I see a plane and it manages to stay in the air, it seems like a marvel to me.

I know there are physics involved and somehow it works, but it always just seems like a miracle. My heart is so sad for the families who lost someone in this crash. As of now, the National Air Cargo plane wasn't thought to be shot down as military officials say there was no enemy activity. But we will see in the days to come what actually caused the crash.

Whatever it was, I won't forget the images from this video or the families affected by this tragedy.

Are you afraid to fly?


Image via YouTube

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