Brother & Sister Swim for 14 Hours After Boat Sinks & Wouldn’t Change a Thing

When you go on vacation, you do tend to come back home with a new outlook on life -- you're relaxed, refreshed, ready to tackle those backed up emails. But it's not usually because your vacation almost killed you. But brother and sister Dan and Kate Suski came back from their traumatic St. Lucia vacation, in which their fishing boat sank and they spent 14 hours in the ocean with sharks and waves crashing over their heads, saying they now appreciate life so much that they wouldn't take back their horrifically frightening experience!


Dan and Kate were enjoying a fishing trip off the beautiful isle of St. Lucia, and Dan was busy reeling in a marlin, when disaster stuck. Water rushed into the boat and flooded the engine room. The captain had just enough time to radio their coordinates as everyone including the captain, Dan and Kate, and the first mate, grabbed life preservers and jumped from the boat as it sank.

At first they all tried to stay together, but the waves were so high, they couldn't see each other, and soon Dan and Kate were separated from the other men.

They waited for help to arrive, but as daylight fell, and no one came, they realized they might die. They lost sight of land through the huge swells and sheets of rain.

Kate told The Associated Press:

You come face-to-face with understanding your own mortality ... We both processed the possible ways we might die.

They had both seen the movie Open Water and tried not to think about sharks getting them. They wondered if they would drown or die of hypothermia or if their legs would cramp up and make it impossible to swim.


As for sharks, Kate said she was so scared of them that she thought she would "vomit."

Finally, they saw land. They managed to haul themselves into a small bit of sand beach and the next day saw a fisherman, who took them to police. After awhile, they discovered that the captain and first mate had also survived.

The pair were extremely fortunate. Kate was so dehydrated that doctors couldn't find a vein to give her IV fluids. They could have easily died. The pair say they are so happy to be alive that they are not angry about what happened.

Dan said: "It's really been amazing. It's a moving experience for me."

Kate said that she's always been a late riser, but now she gets up early every morning, just to see the sun rise. She says: "I've never looked forward to the sunrise so much in my life."

These two really sound like they've discovered what's important. I wouldn't want to go through an ordeal like that in order to feel the same, so I'll just pretend. Ack, shark!

Have you ever had a near death experience that made you appreciate life?


Image via FaceMePLS/Flickr



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