Woman Who Faked Virginity Fined for 'Emotionally Damaging' Husband (VIDEO)

gavel courtWe've got some pretty messed up ideas about virginity in this country, but wow, our passive-aggressive ideas and messages about sex are nothing like Egypt's. An Egyptian woman has reportedly been ordered to pay her former husband £5240 ($7,500) in "damages" after he discovered that she lied about being a virgin. Yes, this actually went to COURT!

The court ruled that the woman had not informed her husband that she had lost her virginity prior to them getting married and had even undergone surgery to hide the fact that she no longer held her V-card. And as a result, the HUSBAND claims he was "emotionally damaged" by the phony virginity tale. He said that as a result of the deception, he was "suffering from depression and had lost trust in the people around him." WOW ... can you even imagine?


What a complete nightmare for this poor woman. Can't some kind of international women's group step in and help her?!

While a situation like this strikes me as just plain sick and completely out of place in this day and age, the sad truth is that not being a virgin is still considered a huge issue in some cultures. I understand that it's generally religion-based, but it's also backasswards, antiquated, and misogynistic!

The times they have a'changed! Putting so much weight on virginity that non-virginal women are subjected to inhumane, unjust attitudes and treatment is nothing short of horrific. The fact that these women have to go under the knife to make it seem as though they still are virgins is reprehensible. And a story like this should truly make all cultures reflect on how much importance they want to place on something that in the year 2013 should have absolutely no bearing on a woman's perceived value, status, or safety. 

What do you make of this horrible story?



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