Commemorate Earth Day 2013 With These 9 Fascinating Facts About Our Planet

Lindsay Mannering | Apr 22, 2013 Breaking
Commemorate Earth Day 2013 With These 9 Fascinating Facts About Our Planet

earth dayHappy Earth Day, tree huggers! Monday, April 22 marks the 43rd annual Earth Day celebrations, and billions of people around the world are encouraged to take a moment out of their busy day to appreciate this beautiful, generous planet that we call home.

But just how well do you know your mother Earth? After you're done reducing, reusing, and recycling today, take a gander at these 9 fascinating facts about our planet. She's worth saving, you guys. Heard it here first.

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  • Earth -- She's a Fast One


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    If anyone ever tries to get you to exercise more, just tell them that you're currently hurtling through space at 1,000 MPH. What more do they want from you? It's true. You may think you're standing still, but you're currently moving incredibly fast. (Too bad it doesn't burn as many calories as running 1,000 MPH.)

  • She's Super Old



    Guess how old Earth is. Guess. Whoa. You were way off. Earth's about 4.54 billion years old, and it looks like someone's got years of birthday presents to make up for.

  • She Can Be Really, Really Hot


    Wouter Kiel/Flickr

    Our nation is home to (arguably) the hottest place on the planet. Death Valley, California has recorded temperatures of 134 degrees Fahrenheit. A temp of 136 was recorded in Libya in the 1920s, but it's been deemed inaccurate.

  • Or Really, Really Cold


    Alan R Light/Flickr

    The coldest place on Earth is in the South Pole. The average temp there year round is a sweltering -57 degrees Fahrenheit. In the '60s, there were actually 100 days when it didn't climb above -100 degrees Fahrenheit. Basically, your eyeballs freeze just looking outside in the South Pole.

  • She May Have Two Moons



    Well, this is awkward. This whole time we thought we were going steady with one moon, but turns out, there might be a smaller, younger moon that's been hiding in the shadows. She's adorable and no bigger than a Smart Car, and scientists argue she's orbiting the Earth at any given time.

  • She's Alive!



    Coral reefs have more species per unit area than anything else on the planet, and combined, make up the largest living structures on Earth. Kim Kardashian's ego notwithstanding, of course.

  • She Can Get Very Angry


    kevin dooley/Flickr

    So, water can explode. On the border of Cameroon, the Congo, and Rwanda, there are three deadly lakes that can erupt, and when they do, their carbon dioxide off-gasses can asphyxiate anyone nearby. Eep!

  • But She Makes Up for It



    Double rainbows are a thing of beauty, and possibly orgasms.

  • She's May Not Be as Sick as Once Believed



    On Earth Day, 1970, there were numerous predictions about the imminent (imminent!) demise of our planet due to all kinds of pollution (seriously, read the list -- it's amazing), but thankfully, we're still here.

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