Jeff Bauman: 6 Important Facts About the Bombing Victim & New American Hero

Jeff Bauman Bradley CooperThe world erupted in cheers last night when Boston police captured America's most wanted man, marathon bombing suspect number two, 19-year-old Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev. Among the people they were cheering for? Jeff Bauman Jr., the double-amputee in what is now an iconic photo of a man in a yellow cowboy hat rushing a victim in a wheelchair away from the scene of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Bauman, who is also featured in a viral photo of actor Bradley Cooper visiting victims, apparently played a key role in finding the men accused of murdering three and wounding more than a hundred on Marathon Monday. So who is Jeff Bauman? Here's what we know about this new American hero:


1. He identified one of the bombers. According to his brother, Chris, Jeff was able to talk with the FBI in intensive care, even identifying suspects in photographs. Bauman described looking a man in the eyes (now identified by law enforcement as Tamerlan Tsarnaev) and watching him drop the backpack in front of him that exploded just moments later.

2. He was at the marathon for his girlfriend. Erin Hurley was running her first Boston Marathon.

3. He suffered more than just loss of limbs. While Jeff is being treated for the loss of both his legs which was evident in that famous picture, he also suffered severe burns and damage to his vision.

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4. He was saved by Carlos Arredondo. The man in the yellow cowboy hat was at the race to watch someone running in honor of his son, a Marine who lost his life in Iraq. When the bomb went off, he sprang into action, and his speed in ripping apart a sweater to serve as a tourniquet to stem the bleeding from Jeff's legs has been credited in saving the 27-year-old's life.

5. He is working to go back to school. Loaded down with student loans, Bauman was working the deli counter at Costco to pay down his debt so he could return to the University of Massachusetts.

6. He's had a flurry of visitors. In addition to actor Bradley Cooper, Jeff has also been visited by New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman.

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