Dad & Daughter Deploying Together Aren't Afraid of the Challenge

armyYou don't often hear about members of the same family going off to war. But in a nation where the kids of military careerists are six times more likely to enlist than their peers, a dad and daughter deploying together is bound to happen. That's just what Chief Warrant Officer 5 Michael A. Mogg and his daughter, Spc. Miranda A. Mogg, an intelligence analyst, will do soon.

The Moggs are both being deployed to Afghanistan. Together.


From a mother's perspective, I couldn't think of anything worse. For me, it would amplify my anxiety to have my daughter out there with me in danger every day. I wouldn't be able to sit still.

But after reading the Moggs' story, I sit corrected.

To hear them talk, being family together on the front lines is the best thing that could happen to them.

Dad Michael actually signed up for a fifth deployment, rather than retire after 29 years with the Army, just so he could join his daughter in serving in the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade. For him this is a proud moment, a chance to see his child carry on his great family tradition. And Miranda says having dad along will only make her sharper on the job:

If something gets past me, it could be very hazardous.

Well, yeah, it won't just be Joe Schmoe dying; it would be her dad. Not that she'd let Joe Schmoe die either, but you get what I mean. When you're serving with your own family, the odds are that much greater.

But so are the rewards. You don't just protect your friends. You protect someone you've loved your whole life.

Could this be a message to the military? You already have devoted employees, but put them together with family, and you could see even greater things?

Perhaps ... after all, there is little we won't do for the ones we love.

It's a powerful way of looking at the task father and daughter have ahead of them, and my hat is off to them both. Here's wishing them well overseas, and here's hoping they come home safe.

Would you want to serve with your child or would it be too complicated?


Image via The U.S. Army/Flickr

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