'Family Guy' Episode Pulled After 'Predicting' Boston Marathon Attacks

Family guyThere are many, many conspiracy theories already floating around the Internet in regards to the Boston Marathon attacks. One of the most insane is that the Seth MacFarlane show Family Guy somehow "predicted" the event. It's insane, naturally.

People always want to have answers to questions that have no answers, and overly simplistic (and sometimes ridiculous) "theories" help them cope. In this case, two clips were spliced together to make it look as though Peter Griffin (or his writers) somehow knew that this tragic event was going to happen.

Even MacFarlane is furious. He says:


The edited Family Guy clip currently circulating is abhorrent. The event was a crime and a tragedy, and my thoughts are with the victims.

There are no words for the morons circulating this crap. My other favorite is the guy on top of the roof. Apparently, in some photo, there was a guy on top of the roof (GASP!) watching the marathon. Why isn't he being questioned? Clearly, whoever believes that lives far from a city. In cities, people do things like stand on roofs to watch parades and marathons. Shocking, I know.

I hate conspiracy theorists. They are just the lowest of the low. This kind of thinking is especially abhorrent in a tragedy. These "theorists" think they are smarter than everyone else and that they see through the hype when actually, they need to be medicated most of the time. Heavily.

Most things have a much simpler explanation. Period. End of story. Some evil person bombed the marathon because they could. Is that too "boring"? Would you rather believe the government (along with Family Guy) is behind it? Sorry, but that's insane.

Whoever did this bombing is probably a person who has a major beef with the U.S. government, some sorry coward who thinks they will raise awareness for their insane cause by hurting children and innocent bystanders.

We need to band together to fight this. We need to all agree we won't tolerate such evil in our midst. We don't need to be making things up that we can fight so we can't make any progress. Get medication, people.

Do these theories make you angry, too?


Image via Fox

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