Beaver Kills Fisherman Who Just Wanted a Picture (VIDEO)

You never quite know what your fate is going to be when you approach an animal -- no matter how harmless it may appear. The other day we read about the man who was killed by oncoming traffic after he got out of his car to move an injured rabbit off the highway. Now here comes this story of a man who was killed -- by a beaver. The 60-year-old man, who was reportedly fishing with friends in the Eastern European country of Belarus, spotted the cute beaver and decided to have his picture taken with it ...


The victim and two of his friends apparently spotted the beaver by the road out in the wilderness. Normally beavers come out at night, but this was the morning, so something was probably wrong with the beaver -- possibly it was rabid.

The doomed man approached the beaver to get his picture with it and the beaver attacked, latching on to his thigh and cutting his artery. Beavers have large teeth and strong jaws, and can weigh up to 60 pounds. After biting the man, the beaver ran away.

His friends reportedly tried to get him help, but he bled to death while they tried to find a doctor. Wildlife experts say it's rare for a beaver to attack -- and almost unheard of for one to kill. Something must have been terribly wrong with this beaver.

You wonder if the guy tried to pick it up for the photo, or cornered it, or scared it. It sounds like a bad idea to approach any wildlife to try and get friendly with it. Take your pictures from a safe distance.

This isn't the first time there's been a report of a crazed beaver, though. In suburban Washington D.C., a woman who was swimming had to beat off a rabid beaver who had latched onto her leg. In New York, a beaver grabbed onto a Boy Scout leader's chest.

As someone who grew up around plenty of lakes and rivers that held beavers, I have to say all of this is pretty shocking to me. I had zero idea that a beaver, which is an herbivore, would ever attack you. But I guess any animal can be dangerous under the right circumstances.

Here's video of another beaver attack. Look how fast they can run! Have you ever been attacked by wildlife?

Image via YouTube

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