Hilarious 'Attractive Convict' Meme Pokes Fun of Mom’s Super-Sexy Mugshot (PHOTO)

attractive convictMeagan Simmons was arrested in 2010 for driving recklessly. It sucked. She was humiliated and she had a year of probation. But there's a silver lining to every situation, right? In Meagan's case, it's that, three years later, she became known as "Attractive Convict".

Meagan's mugshot was found by someone on the Internet, and the memes started. Her photo, along with captions like, "GUILTY ... of taking my breath away"; "Can I get your cell number"; and "Wanted ... in 50 States", are everywhere right now. And while they're hilarious -- and while Meagan is a beautiful girl with, sweet Jesus, a damn good mug shot -- should she really do Playboy?


No formal invitation has been extended yet, but rumors of Meagan posing for the girly mag abound right now -- and Meagan wouldn't hate it if they were true. She said: "If [Hugh Hefner] himself contacted me, I think that's an offer I couldn't refuse." She's careful about letting her four kids find out, though, saying: "I haven't told them about this, but I've just been cautious about taking them to the bus stop."

Meagan seems like a really nice girl, but this is pretty much everything that's wrong with our society. When somebody does something dumb or illegal -- as long as they're cute!, they're, somehow, rewarded. Obviously, doing Playboy isn't a "reward" for everyone, but you know what I'm saying here. Sex tapes result in reality shows; unplanned teen pregnancies land you on the cover of In Touch. It's bass-akwards, and it sends a pretty shitty message to young people: The way to get rich is to do something dumb.

Now. For the people who came up with the memes -- they should be rewarded. "Can I get your cell number?" That shit's pretty clever.

What do you think of this?

Image via Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department

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