Man Killed Moving Injured Rabbit Off the Road Deserved a Happier Ending

This sounds like my kind of guy. A 79-year-old man named William Kieren was driving on a highway in Wyoming when he reportedly saw an injured rabbit. So he did what any real man would do -- he stopped to tend to the poor critter. But unfortunately that act of kindness for animals cost him his life.


Police say that Kieren was either near or on the center line when he was struck by a car. It killed him. Nor did the rabbit make it out okay. Apparently highway patrol had to put the creature down.

Ugh. No silver lining to this story. Or is there? At least he died doing a good deed? I know. A stretch. But I can totally relate because I would probably take a huge personal risk to save an animal too. In fact, I have. I've run into traffic after a wayward stray pit bull. I've climbed into dangerous construction areas for a meowing lost cat. I've done it all. Luckily, none of it has killed me. YET.

Sometime I wonder if it's worth it. You read stories about people crashing their cars after veering to avoid hitting a dog or deer. But your instincts just take over. You don't want to hurt an animal.

If only poor Kieren had been able to get the rabbit to the side of the road. PETA's website has some advice for tending an injured or stray animal:

Be prepared to help if you encounter an animal in distress: Keep an animal rescue kit in your car at all times. The kit should include a carrier, leash, towel, treats, wet and dry cat food, and directions to local animal control agencies, emergency veterinary hospitals, and wildlife rehabilitators. Carry one of those fold-up sunshades too. It can be used to corral a wild animal into a carrier or away from a dangerous area.

I just can't stop thinking about how this poor man lost his life. So many people would have just driven by, but he didn't. I wonder if the person who hit him will face any charges. Could he or she really have not seen a man in the middle of the road?

Sigh. Life is so unfair sometimes. Bless this poor man and the rabbit too. Hopefully they are together somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge.

Do you brake for injured animals?


Image via Mostly Dans/Flickr

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