Latest Carnival Ship Tragedy Puts the 'Raw Sewage Cruise' Into Perspective

Carnival CruiseLast February, the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph embarked on the trip from hell. After the ship ran into issues and had to be towed for days, passengers reported raw sewage running down the walls, food shortages, and backed up toilets full of disgusting waste. It sounded just awful. But now that same ship has done something even worse. It killed someone.

With apologies to the scores of passengers who had what amounts to a really bad vacation, when the Triumph came unmoored in Mobile, Alabama and a dockworker went missing, that became a worse tragedy than your horrible trip. Perspective, people.

Even back in February when it was happening, it was hard to understand why it made such big news. As awful as it was, no one died. No one was horrifically ill or injured. It was just really uncomfortable.


By all means, give the people who endured that a replacement vacation NOT on a boat. Give them some money and apologize profusely. But the people on that ship were acting as though they had just come off a slave ship. Memo to them: It was not THAT bad.

Want to know what is bad? A dockworker's loss of life.

Clearly this ship is cursed in some way. But this loss of life is the first thing the ship has done that really makes me believe that. Poop running down the walls is just disgusting. But it's not life threatening (assuming you don't have to stew in it).

The bit of this story that bothered me the most was the way everyone acted about it. Yes, it was a massive, MASSIVE bummer. Had I been on that ship, I would have been furious at Carnival, too. I would have wanted my money back and much, much more.

But I am not sure I would have sobbed on the phone to my husband or kissed the ground when I got off the ship. They were never in any danger. They were just supremely uncomfortable. But everyone survived. It was not life and death. Maybe this horrible tragedy makes that clear.

Did you wonder why the raw sewage cruise got so much coverage?


Image via Tiger Girl/Flickr


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