Best April Fools' Day Pranks of 2013

april fool's dayApril Fools' Day. Love it or hate it, you've got to admit that it brings out the rather, ahem, creative nature in some of our loved ones. But the April Fools' pranks on the web are really off the hook this year.

We've got YouTube threatening to shut down entirely (what?! no more piano-playing catz? say it ain't so!?), Google allowing us to search for smells, and at least one prank involves bacon. Let's dive into the best pranks out there, shall we?


1. YouTube Shutdown -- The site announced they're paring down to just one video today, and to really make sure they find a good one, YouTube will be shutting down for, oh, just about 10 years to cull through the submissions. They had best take their time because the prize is pretty darn sweet: an MP3 player that clips to your sleeve and $500! P.S. Antoine Dodson is judging, so hide yo' kids and get entering!

2. Scope Bacon -- It's become fact (more or less) that everything is better with bacon. Everything, that is, except mouthwash ... at least, we hope the folks at Scope are April fooling us with this new, erm, morning breath fix.

3. Bing Goes Google -- Type "Google" into Bing today, and you'll notice something awfully familiar ... the page changes into one that looks like the competition's homepage. There's even an "I'm feeling confused" link!

4. Google Nose -- Why search for things using words when you can use smells!? Impossible? Yeah, something stinks at Google today ...

5. Twttr -- Think it's hard cutting down to 140 characters? Try letting the world know what you've had for lunch without using vowels. Twitter announced today that they'll be charging $5 a month to anyone who wants to use vowels in their Tweets, er, twts.

6. American Eagle Skinny Skinny Jeans -- What's skinnier than skinny jeans? Jeans painted on your body ... the TRUE custom fit jeans. Yes, it's a joke ... thank GOD:

7. Play-Doh 3D Printer -- The folks at ThinkGeek know 3D printers are all the rage (we even saw one on The Big Bang Theory recently), but most of us can't afford them. So they've come up with a $49.99 version made from every kid's favorite stinky toy! If only it weren't an April Fools' Prank ...

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8. Metafilterest -- Ever wondered what Pinterest would look like if it was ONLY pictures of adorable kitty cats? For just one day, you can find out ... at Metafilter. Meooooow!

9. Sony Tech for Pets -- Everyone in the house has an i-something or other, but what about Fido? Isn't it high time he had his own gadgets to bat around the floor/chew into a million pieces? Thank goodness Sony is offering to step in and give us the Animalia "tech for pets" line. Thank. Goodness.

10. Google SCHMICK -- Embarrassed by the look of your house on Google Street View? There's a simple fix for that ... just spiffy the place up with SCHMICK (Simple Complete House Makeover Internet Conversion Kit), and the rest of the world will think you're living it up. Available today only, unfortunately.

11. Gmail Blue -- Notice something different about your Gmail today? It's fast! It's powerful! It's an April Fools' joke, so stop whining on Facebook about how they changed it on you!

12. Kids Takeover on The Stir -- What can a bunch of over-worked moms do to take a load off? Put their kids to work on April Fools' Day! Go check out their blogger profiles, and don't miss a day full of posts on important parenting topics!

Which prank is YOUR favorite? Did you get fooled?


Image via erix!/Flickr

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