Toddler Mauled to Death by Her Family’s 7 Pet Pit Bulls

pit bullA 21-month-old was mauled to death by seven dogs in the front yard of her family's coastal Georgia home Wednesday evening. It's unclear how the toddler got into the yard -- the girl's grandmother was looking after her but had fallen asleep. Apparently, Grandma awoke to a commotion outside and allegedly saw the attack take place through a window. The family had nine dogs all together but it was the seven pit bulls who killed the young child. They were euthanized on Thursday.


There's a lot of heated debate about pit bulls and whether or not they're inherently, genetically dangerous -- a nature versus nurture argument is frequently brought up.

I personally believe that they're raised to be killers, not born killers; that they're only vicious if they're taught to be so and encouraged to be so. But seven dogs all of the same breed, pit bull or not, will incite a pack mentality, which can be threatening and harmful. So why did this family have seven pit bulls?

Unfortunately, there aren't any details as to the reason the family had so many dogs, or why their pets were particularly violent, and why they were left out in the yard, but one detail is certain: a toddler is dead.

As of now, it's unknown if charges will be filed against the parents, but if it's discovered that they had the dogs for fighting purposes, that they supported and aided these dogs in the pursuit of violence, then yes, I would say if that's the case, then Mom and Dad should be held accountable, on some level, for their daughter's death. If the dogs were raised to be cruel, isn't that endangering their child?

As for Grandma, she might faces charges, as well.

I think there should be consequences for this baby's death but thankfully, I'm not the one who has to decide what those should or shouldn't be. It seems like a preventable tragedy and I can't imagine how much pain the family is experiencing right now.

What a horrifying way to die.

What do you think?


Photo via mccoy77/Flickr

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