Powerball Winner Owes His Kids $29K But Now He Can Pay Them More -- Right!?

Mo' money, mo' problems. You'd think winning the lottery would be nothing but a walk in the (very expensive) park. But you know that never happens. New Jersey Powerball winner Pedro Quezada, who cashed in a lump sum payment of $221 million, is in trouble already. Reportedly, he's a deadbeat dad who owes one or more of his five children $29,000 in unpaid child support payments dating back to 2009. Sheesh, you'd hope a guy with this kind of bad karma wouldn't have won the lottery, but it could all bite him on his filthy rich derriere anyway.


Reportedly, Quezada cannot collect his millions until he satisfies the judgment against him. But when authorities knocked on his door yesterday, he wasn't home. Is he swinging on a hammock somewhere in the Carribean?

No doubt his children will get lawyered up and demand more than the $29,000 now owed. Reportedly, his children, some of whom apparently live in North Carolina, range in age from 5 to 23 years, so his child support payments for the little ones could go through the roof.

And until the sudden multimillionaire pays up, he's essentially a wanted man. Said a New Jersey sheriff:

Because of Mr. Quezada’s large winnings, generally the New Jersey Division of Lottery would satisfy the judgment before all of the winnings are released. Like everyone else, until this warrant is satisfied, Mr. Quezada is subject to potential arrest.

Woah. See how these lotto winnings always come with drama?

Quezada has told reporters that he was poor, struggling, and went through a foreclosure last year and a fire at the bodega he operated. The kind of guy everyone wants to win the lottery. So it's disturbing to hear about this, but maybe he just couldn't make the payments when his circumstances got worse??!!

Hopefully Quezada will do the right thing and share his winnings with his children. He helped bring them into the world, after all, and now he's got the means to support them in the best way possible. But it's funny how sometimes the more money you get, the more greedy you get.

Do you think Quezada needs to share his winnings with his children?


Image via JollyUK/Flickr

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