Man Flies Kite From Moving Car ... What Could Go Wrong?

kiteA 22-year-old man from California was severely injured after taking a nasty head-first spill on the pavement ... when he fell off the back of a moving car trying to fly a kite. Officials say the Nissan Maxima was moving slowly when the dude took the tumble and that, interestingly enough, alcohol does not seem to have been involved. First responders took the man to the hospital where he's still in critical condition.


I'd like to go ahead and call this guy an idiot -- WHO TRIES TO FLY A KITE OFF THE BACK OF A MOVING CAR -- but I won't. I'm kind of all for people trying weird things. Maybe I've watched too many episodes of Jackass in my day, and for the record, yes, my favorite show on TV is the Real World Road Rules Challenge, but I sort of admire a free spirit who's willing to get creative and get out there, even if that means flying a kite from a car.

It's better than sitting in your mom's basement playing video games, isn't it?

Accidents happen, but here's the thing. If you're going to do something stupid, like this, on purpose, then at least throw on a helmet. It's not uncool anymore to be safe like that. I mean, just go to any ski mountain these days. Everyone's wearing a helmet. Ten years ago, that probably wasn't the case.

So kids, and 22-year-olds who like taking risks: wear a protective headpiece lest your experiment with car, wind, kite goes wrong.

Here's hoping this guy's OK.



Photo via Nono Fara/Flickr

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