David Petraeus Apologizes for Affair, But the Truth Is Much More Shocking

David PetraeusFormer CIA Director David Petraeus has apologized for the extramarital affair that rocked the country last fall and made him resign from his position. His affair with Paula Broadwell was the biggest bit of non-news ever and now it continues? Seriously?

Last night's speech marked his first public speech since the scandal. According to him: "Life doesn't stop with such a mistake. It can and must go on." He's right and he's wrong.

Life is going on for all of us. Since November, we have moved on to other scandals and other things to talk about, no doubt. It was fun while it lasted, to mock these two people -- the general and his hard-bodied biographer -- but it got old. Petraeus doesn't owe us an apology at all. We owe him one.


The only person who should hear that Petraeus is sorry is his wife. She deserves an apology. But the rest of us? Not so much. This scandal was the biggest non-scandal ever.

Two consenting adults had sex that was neither caught on tape nor in public? News at 11! I mean, OK, I get that he was in a position of power, but there is no indication that this affair actually took anything away from the taxpayers. His personal life is none of our business.

We owe him an apology for being such a prudish country that a man can't have consensual sex with a woman without his entire career being ruined and him having to leave in disgrace. The standing ovation he received at his first public speech is also an indication that I am not alone.

The man was a hero for our country. He is credited with helping to stop an all-out civil war in Iraq as commander there, and he was in charge of U.S. forces in Afghanistan before he went to the CIA in 2011.

He has given a lot to our country and we all repaid him with disrespect and our reality show-loving dirty minds. What happened here was between Petraeus and his wife and family. We should have stayed out of it.

We should all be thanking him for his service and apologizing for our dirty minds.

Do you think we owe him an apology?

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