10-Day-Old Baby Hit by Twice-Arrested Drunk Driver Gets Second Chance at Life (VIDEO)

crosswalkMark Mullan, 50, has had two drunk-driving incidents (including a hit and run) in the last four months, but that didn't stop him from driving his truck into four pedestrians Monday near a middle school in Seattle. A married couple in their late 60s were pronounced dead on the scene. Mullan also hit a 33-year-old woman who was carrying a 10-day-old infant in a sling -- they are believed to be the married couple's daughter-in-law and grandchild.


As of Tuesday morning, both mother and baby are in critical condition. If it hadn't been for the first responders, though, things could've been way worse.

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When the paramedics arrived on the scene, the newborn wasn't breathing. The fire department administered CPR on the infant and got the heartbeat back. The woman, on the other hand, suffered a serious head injury and was stabilized so she could be transferred to the hospital.

It's easy here to get angry at the driver, very easy, and wonder why his license hadn't been revoked after two DUIs in a matter of 16 weeks, but let's focus on the positive.

The baby and the woman have a fighting chance at survival due to the trained and fast-acting first responders. It's unclear whether they'll pull through after this horrific accident, but at least they have an opportunity to do so. If it hadn't been for the Seattle FD and PD, who knows what chance they would've had.

An investigation will uncover whether or not Mullan was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he ran into four people, but as of now, he's in police custody and has been charged with vehicular homicide.

I hope the baby and his mother pull through this. Really do.

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Photo via Ender Yilmaz/YouTube

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