Woman Tries to Kill Snake With Fire But Burns Her House Down Instead (VIDEO)

fireA snake set a house on fire in Texas yesterday. It wasn't his fault, though. He was kind of provoked. I mean, how would you react if you were just slithering along in the bush, minding your own business, when a woman came out of her house, doused you in gasoline, then lit you on fire?


Here's what happened. A woman in Northeast Texas was doing some yard work when, yikes, she spotted a snake. Instead of ignoring the reptile, she thought she'd kill the so-assumed pest like it was a witch in Salem. She threw gasoline on it, then a match, and boom: snake fire.

Then boom: brush fire. Then kaboom: house fire.

The snake caught the brush pile on fire which caught the house on fire which led to the local fire chief's warning all of us about the dangers of lighting animals on fire. Spoiler alert: it's unrecommended.

It's not immediately clear if any charges will be filed, but I should hope this woman (and anyone else out there who likes to take care of their unwanted animal problems this way) has learned their lesson about pest control, flames, and consequences.

I feel sorry for her, though, I really do. I'm sure it was an accident and now her house is gone. Just ... ugh.


What do you think?


Photo via KHOU

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