Dog Who Retrieved Baby Found in Plastic Bag Was Probably Trying to Save Her (VIDEO)

You know how dogs are, always picking up stuff with their mouths. Garbage, sticks, poop, whatever. But one dog picked up something very precious and trotted it home to his dog sitter -- a baby girl! Unfortunately, the baby was no longer alive. Police believe the mother abandoned the newborn in Oklahoma City and the pooch, named Luke, who was being cared for by a sitter at the time, found it. Reports say the infant weighed three to five pounds, which sounds premature. A hunt is now on for the mother.


Luke's owner was out of town at the time and Luke was being watched by a sitter. Apparently Luke is free to roam around town (which sounds pretty dangerous for Luke), and when he returned home, he brought with him a discovery -- the baby. I can imagine the shock the sitter got when she saw an infant in the dog's mouth. Says the sitter:

He was carrying it just like a momma pup and laid it at my feet.

The baby was found wrapped in plastic, and police don't believe the pup hurt her, as she didn't have any physical trauma. In fact, they don't know if the baby was alive when born or if any crime has been committed. They are on the lookout for the mother, who they believe must have suffered injuries during the birth.

Luke's owner says he's a gentle dog who would never hurt a baby, and indeed it seems like Luke saved this baby from being left outside and decomposing. At least the baby will receive a burial. It's tragic that Luke couldn't have found the baby alive, but he had no control over that. At least he tried!

I can't imagine why anyone would give birth outside and then just leave the baby there, and not even bury her. Maybe she was born alive, but if so, why not drop it on someone's doorstep? Oklahoma City does have a "safe haven" law, and it's tragic that this mother didn't take advantage of that if the baby was born alive.

What do you think of Luke?

Image via KFOR

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