Creepy Surveillance Video Shows Man's Final Moments Before Dying Mysteriously in Airport (VIDEO)

Chad WolfeChad Wolfe was just happy to arrive in Tampa last week with his girlfriend when he suddenly disappeared. Soon after, he was found dead at the bottom of an airport elevator shaft. The bizarre case made headlines because it makes no sense. One minute he was with his girlfriend walking through the airport and the next he had vanished. And why would he have fallen in an elevator shaft?

Surveillance video released yesterday may help to reveal these answers. It seems the young man was drinking in the airport, perhaps out of a small airline bottle. There are also some reports that he was a nervous flyer and took Xanax on the plane.

The behavior in the airport is bizarre. See for yourself below:


First he and his girlfriend aren't walking together, then he climbs into a potted plant, then he gets on a different elevator than his girlfriend.

It's impossible to know what really happened, but from what I see (and this isn't being reported), it looks like he was perhaps a nervous flyer who got more drunk than planned thanks to the mix of Xanax and alcohol. This annoyed his girlfriend, they fought and separated, and then somehow he had a tragic fall.

As a nervous flyer myself, this story is kind of a cautionary tale. Last week I had to fly quite a bit and did take Xanax to help calm the nerves. But I didn't drink. For good reason. It says right on the bottle not to do so.

Witnesses say that Wolfe was belligerent on the plane and they even considered calling the authorities when they arrived. Now it seems it's a shame they didn't.

Whatever he was acting like, he didn't deserve to die this way and the whole case is somewhat terrifying. You can be in a public place, with a trusted friend, and still die a horrible, senseless death. That's a strong case for remaining in control of your own faculties, no? Who can you trust to take care of you?

Does this case freak you out, too?


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