Infidelity Billboard That Calls Out Cheating Husband May Be Too Good to Be True (VIDEO)

infidelity billboardThey say revenge is sweet, and it doesn't get much sweeter than this infidelity billboard. Hanging at a busy intersection in Greensboro, North Carolina, it's a personal message from a woman named Jennifer to her cheating husband

Borrowing phrasing from MasterCard, it reads: 'Michael- GPS Tracker - $250, Nikon camera with zoom lens - $1600, Catching my LYING HUSBAND and buying this billboard with our investment account - Priceless. -Jennifer.'

A footnote adds: "Tell Jessica you're moving in!"


Brilliant, right? It's the dream of jilted lovers everywhere to get that kind of revenge, but few actually go through with such plots. Jennifer must be one bad ass, and I bet there are more than a few out there who wish they'd thought of it first. The only problem --  there may be no Jennifer or Michael. 

According to Fox8, the attention grabbing billboard may just be a marketing ploy from a local company. Apparently, another electronic billboard appeared at the same location another day that read, "Jessica -- Meet me at Yodaddy's at 7:00 p.m. for some wine therapy. - Jennifer." 

Coincidence? Nobody knows for sure, and the billboard company won't comment yet. But it sure has people talking.

I hope it's the real deal. It's just too awesome to be a silly marketing scheme, and wouldn't you love to throw back a couple of margaritas with "Jennifer"? Of course, I suppose it's not silly and really pretty damn clever, if it is just an advertisement and has attracted this much attention.


Do you hope this billboard is the real thing?


Image via Fox 8

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