Woman Stays Calm During Wolf Attack & OMG, It Works!

timber wolfI don't know about you, but what with the Steubenville case making me feel like the world is an awful place and the fact that the first day of spring has come and gone and my lawn is still covered in snow, I could really use some good news today. And here it is! A woman has survived a wolf attack! By being really, really calm!

At first I thought it was a joke, but my dears, it appears that it's true. This timber wolf was simply no match for the awesome that is Dawn Hepp.

Just get a load of this story, and by the end, I guarantee you will have a new hero (if not, I owe you a cupcake):


According to the National Post, Hepp had pulled over on a Canadian highway to help a couple with car trouble when a timber wolf came up behind her and launched itself on her.

He had his jaws clamped around her neck, and Hepp just. Stopped. Moving. And, well, he decided it was no fun when his lunch wasn't bothering to fight back, so he let go.

That's right, ladies and gents, she calmed the wolf off of her!

And they say there aren't enough female superheros. Pshaw. Hey Marvel! Hey DC! We've got your next comic right here.

Not only does she just use her badass vibes to hypnotize wolves, she also drives herself to the hospital -- three hours away (no mention of uphill in the snow, but that would just be fitting, wouldn't it?). And when she gets there, she sits in the ER and fusses over a little boy with pink eye because she's concerned that the poor widdle guy looks like he's miserable ... and she's all "yeah, go on, treat this munchkin, it's not like I had a rough day or anything, what with a wolf trying to make me his dinner."

And that, right there, is the clincher for me. This woman survived a wolf attack, and she wasn't screaming "me, me, me."

We talk a lot about what makes a hero, and the kid in me goes back to the Supermans and Batmans who put other people first. They would do amazing things, but that wasn't important to them. They cared more about making sure they helped people.

It's Dawn Hepp's crazy "I survived a wolf attack" that is getting her attention. But it's what she did later that shows she deserves it.

Was I right? Is this woman your new hero?


Image via Mostly Dans/Flickr

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