Seeing John Lennon’s Bloody Glasses Will Give You Chills (PHOTO)

john yoko rolling stone coverYoko Ono, legendary artist and wife of former Beatle John Lennon, tweeted a very personal photo today -- and it took my breath away. Today is the first day of spring. It's also the 44th anniversary of John and Yoko's wedding. The iconic couple devoted their lives together in support of peace. And then, in 1980, John was shot to death outside his Manhattan apartment. Yoko and their son, Sean, have never been the same since.

The photo Yoko posted today is of her husband's blood-splattered glasses. But it's not a gory photo -- she placed the glasses in front of a window overlooking their beloved Central Park. It's a sad portrait of death, but it's also infused with undeniable hope and beauty.


john lennon's glasses yoko ono

Yoko's message is clear. She is as dedicated to peace as she was 44 years ago when she and John Lennon married. She wants us to learn something from her husband's death. She wants us to stop for a moment, and reflect with her. It's a harsh statement she makes at the top -- but the photo is inviting. I always feel like Yoko wants to draw us into her world in a quiet, contemplative way.

I think it's amazing that she kept the glasses in that condition. Wouldn't your first impulse be to clean the glasses before keeping them? But she wants that reminder, and the last traces of his physical body. (She used the image for the cover of her first solo album, Season of Glass, released two months after Lennon's death.)

"Together, let's bring America back to the green land of peace," Ono tweeted today. "The death of a loved one is a hollowing experience. After 33 years our son Sean and I still miss him." And then she repeated what she and John Lennon said together, one spring morning, 44 years ago. "We want to talk to the young people all over the world, because we want to say we are with them."

Wow. Deep breath. What a message to read and see on this first day of spring. I'm grateful to Yoko Ono for helping me look deeper and think about peace today.

What does Yoko Ono's photo mean to you?


Images via Rolling Stone, YokoOno/Twitter

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