Righteous Church Refuses to Marry Couples for the Best Reason

churchGreen Street United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is one interesting congregation. They've decided that they're not going to perform any more weddings. It's not that the don't like the bouquets, the crying flower girl, and the demanding mothers of the brides, it's just that they don't like the law that prohibits some people from getting married, so they've taken a vow -- no weddings for straight couples until gay and lesbian couples are legally allowed to wed, too.


In May of last year, North Carolinians voted to keep the ban on same sex marriage -- Green Street Church is certainly going against the grain here.

They're promoting acceptance, love, brotherhood, sisterhood, togetherness and unity, regardless of sexual preference. They don't care what's popular, they don't care what others will say, all they seem to care about is making a statement that will draw attention to a cause they believe in. All for one and one for all.

Revereand Kelly Carpenter said there are over 15 same-sex couples in his congregation and I'm sure it must be wonderful for them to hear that their church is not only standing up for them, but standing behind them, as well, especially in an era where religion seems to be getting in the way more often than it leads the way.

Since the general United Methodist church doesn't condone homosexuality or gay marriage, Green Street has decided to live by their own rules, and it just might be time for the rest of North Carolina to catch up.

What do you think of this church's decision?


Photo via AlaskanDude/Flickr

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