Italian Bishops Send Wrong Guy Congratulatory Email on Becoming Pope – Oh, Lord

cardinalThe Italian Bishop's Conference wasted no time sending the new Pope a congratulatory email, but failed to first confirm who'd actually been voted to the highest position in the church. After seeing the white smoke so soon, the bishops assumed that the fast decision meant conclave had gone with the heavy favorite, Milan's own Cardinal Scola, and fired off an email to him right away ... it was Argentine Jorge Borgoglio who'd actually been elected Pope.

After realizing their error, the bishops frantically searched for the mythical "undo" button in Gmail, calling on everything Almighty to help them find it, but alas, it was too late.


They were, however, eventually able to send a mea culpa to Scola and a congrats to Jorge Bergoglio. No word on whether or not this was a Jibjab card or just a straight-forward email that signed off with a <:-)

One thing's for sure, though -- sticking to the smoke signal way of communicating seems to work best for these guys. Emails = the devil's work.


Photo via leoncillo sabino/Flickr

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