Toddler Found High on Meth & His Grandma's Quick Thinking Probably Saved His Life

In case we needed any more proof that you don't necessarily need to be a Mensa member to have a child, here comes this story from California. A mother and her boyfriend were arrested for allegedly getting the mom's 2-year-old son drunk and high. Oh, and not high on pot, like some moms do, but high on METH! Yes, that's right, folks, the mom had allegedly not only given her toddler booze, but also the hardcore drug methamphetamine. Or maybe the toddler managed to ingest this on his own? This toddler may not have had a Mother of the Year, but thank goodness he had another member of the family who was looking out for him. Grandma.


Reportedly the boy's grandmother came to pick him up at his home and said he "reeked of booze" and "looked ill." Mom Samantha Delvalle and her drug-addled boyfriend, Raymond Earl Mabery, were surrounded by drug paraphernalia. So grandma rushed the kid to the hospital where the child tested positive for meth and "dangerous levels" of alcohol.

The boy's mom, who is 22, was arrested and charged with child endangerment. So was her 21-year-old boyfriend, who is not the father of the boy. Both were intoxicated and drugged up at the time of their arrest. So you gotta figure this is a regular state for these two. Reportedly the drugs were in areas "easily accessible" to a child.

The boy is now in the care of his father -- and let's hope he's in a better place. You really have to wonder how long this was going on before anyone noticed?

Thank goodness grandma had the sense to rush the baby to the hospital and didn't let her loyalty to her daughter get in the way of what she needed to do to protect her grandchild.

I have no idea if the couple gave the toddler drugs on purpose or if he got into them -- but it seems like even if alcohol was lying around where a toddler could take a sip of it, he'd spit it out or be grossed out by it and not take another sip. So was it forced down his throat? I can't imagine a toddler liking the taste of booze.

Whether it was done on purpose or not, this child was in severe danger and kudos to the grandma for her quick thinking. Ugh. I'm really thinking that people need to be tested before they can have kids -- though I'm not sure what kind of test you'd give. Most people would deny they'd ever do anything like this on a test. I don't know what the answer is. I understand that people get addictions and have little control over them, but involving your child in it?! Does this woman need to see the Faces of Meth campaign to know this is all kinds of f'd up?!

What do you think should happen to this couple?


Image via Mendocino County Sheriff's Office

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