Nissan Recalls 5 Models Due to Faulty Airbags: Is Your Car Affected?

nissanIf you're a lover of tuna sandwiches who drives a new Nissan, sorry to say, but this is NOT your week. The car company has issued a recall for five 2013 model year vehicles, including the Altima and Sentra, because the front passenger airbag may not deploy in a crash, the automaker has told U.S. regulators. Then the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) chimed in to note the issue has to do with faulty sensors being unable to detect whether someone is sitting in the front passenger seat and whether the occupant is a child or small adult who might be injured by the bag.

Eeesh! Thank goodness Nissan and the NHTSA are now aware of this issue ... Airbags are a really big deal to most drivers. It's a major safety feature we really can't imagine driving without, and we are always crossing our fingers we can depend on them in the worst case scenario.

The specifics on the recall ...


Models involved in the recall are Nissan's Altima, Sentra, Pathfinder, and Leaf, as well as Infiniti JX35. The car maker didn't say how many vehicles are involved or when they were manufactured, but they did note that the reported recall affects only models sold in the United States. Nissan did not say whether vehicles in other countries will be recalled.

As for the U.S. recall, it's expected to begin next month. Nissan says its dealers will inspect the sensors in April and replace them free of charge if necessary. In the meantime, the good news is that there have been no reports of injuries or crashes related to this problem. Whew.

Are you frustrated by recalls like this?

Image via Nissan

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