Wrong Woman Buried & Husband Has to Say Goodbye to His Wife Twice (VIDEO)

funeral lilyIf your significant other died, and the funeral home delivered the wrong body for the funeral, you would notice that. Right? Well, when Evans Davidson arrived at Simpson's Funeral Home to bury his wife of 51 years, Darlene, he was certain they'd given him the wrong body. "I looked at her and said, ‘Well this don’t look like my wife at all.’ They kept telling me it was, but it’s just because she had been embalmed and she was sick."

Caught in a predicament too bizarre and upsetting to confront, Davidson had no choice but to go ahead with the funeral. The body was buried, and he mourned his wife. But a few days later ... you guessed it. The funeral home called Davidson back with disturbing news.


Apparently, at another funeral a few days later, a woman was "jumping up and down saying this is not her mother." It was at this point that it finally dawned on the funeral home that they just might have made a mistake. They called Davidson over to identify this second body, and sure enough, it was his wife.

Can you imagine! What a massive blunder. And the poor man! As if it's not sad enough that his wife died, he has to deal with this mess? This kind of carelessness is just cruel and disrespectful. At the time of his interview, the funeral home hadn't done anything to apologize for their horrific mistake. But since then they've agreed to exhume the other body (someone's mother!) and give Darlene Davidson a new burial for free. Well they'd better. This shouldn't happen to anyone.

What would you do if a close family member's body looked "wrong" at the funeral home?


Image via DameCatoe/Flickr

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