6-Month-Old Baby Shot & Killed While Dad Changes Her Diaper (VIDEO)

jonylah watkinsJonathan Watkins was changing his 6-month-old baby girl's diaper in the passenger seat of his minivan when a gunman emerged from a nearby gangway and opened fire on the two. Jonathan, who was shot in his left side, right buttock, and sustained a graze wound to the face, is currently in serious-to-critical condition. His daughter, Jonylah Watkins, who was shot five times, tragically passed away this morning after undergoing hours of surgery.


The gunman was seen jumping into a blue conversion van and speeding away after the shooting. Authorities are scouring the area for surveillance footage, but the suspect still remains at large.

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The crime took place in a particularly dangerous area of Chicago. According to statistics, more than two dozen shootings occurred within a few blocks of Monday's shooting last year. In fact, Jonylah's mother, who was working at McDonald's when the shooting occurred, was shot in the leg in that area when she was pregnant with her daughter.

However, regardless of crimes stats, this is a tragedy. An awful, preventable, horrid tragedy. A 6-month-old baby girl died. There's a tendency to brush stories like these off and not pay as much attention to them when they occur in crime-laden cities, almost as if we expect things like this to happen; but we shouldn't.

A baby died.

Jonylah had her entire life ahead of her, and she was killed by some evil, soulless person, who probably never met her. We're talking about an innocent child here. That's something we need to pay attention to. That's something we can't brush over just because it took place in a bad part of town. This baby needs to be remembered. Not just by her family. By all of us.

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