High School Softball Coach Reportedly Uses His Team to Lure Hot Girls

softballUgh, what a creep! Troy Hennum, a 25-year-old Seattle softball coach, was placed on unpaid leave after authorities discovered he’d sent his team on a very special kind of scavenger hunt. Their reported mission: find attractive women, take their photos, and bring back their phone numbers for the coach. No, I am not making that up, though it’s hard to believe that someone would be THAT STUPID, isn't it? 

But what really gets me crazy is that he was hired even though the school KNEW he’d been investigated by his former school district for sending “inappropriate” texts to one of his athletes. The story there is that while at a hotel with that team, someone reported that he exchanged a bunch of texts with one of his athletes late at night. He later admitted suggesting she meet him alone, but said he was just trying to reach out to the girl to help her with her personal problems. HELLO? Why would you hire this guy? Anybody home?


Coach Hennum’s latest pervy “scavenger hunt” antics were discovered thanks to one of the women the girls “found” for him. Katharine Aagard at first seemed to think the whole thing was funny and flattering; she gave the girls her number and let them take a photo when they approached her in a sporting goods store. But she soon got creeped out once she began exchanging texts with Coach Genius -- he started off by texting her: “this is troy. The roosevelt softball coach. I had to see if your legit.”

Aagard eventually decided to notify his school (thank goodness) -- and not just about his bad grammar. Hennum resigned from his position a few days later.

It’s mind boggling that someone would be such a dumb-a** -- how could Hennum possibly think he wouldn't get caught out for something like that? But you know what the real tragedy of this situation is? A young, fun coach has a real opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of his impressionable team, who are going to, in many ways, look up to him, whether they’re boys or girls. A coach has the task of being a mentor, of teaching not just a sporting skill, but sportsmanship, teamwork, and integrity. Hennum could have been an example to the young women on his team of all of those things. Instead, he just gave them a lesson about how some guys are only out to use you. Nice work, Coach.

Do you think this guy should ever be hired to work with teenagers again?


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