Giant Mosquitoes Set to Invade Florida Have Bites So Strong You Feel Like You’re Being Stabbed

giant mosquito

If you thought the scariest thing to happen to Florida was a face-eating homeless man and a sink hole, think again. Scientists predict that gallinippers will invade the Sunshine State this summer after a bumper crop during this rainy spring. Not sure what a gallinipper is? Oh, it's just your average mosquito that's 20 times the normal size, whose bites feel like you're being stabbed, and who feeds on the blood of humans and wild animals, including fish.


Anthony Pelaez of Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry says the giant mosquito is "mean, and it goes after people, and it bites, and it hurts."

Oh, and also? It's bug repellent resistant and strong enough to bite through clothing. You're safe nowhere.

If you're looking for someone to blame, Debby's your lady. She's the Tropical Storm that battered the state with rain, giving the gallinippers a perfect template for successful reproduction. As we speak, their larvae are hatching, and any moment now, these enormous, hairy-legged skeerts are going to darken the skies and feed on the blood of our children.

So Floridians, look out. This summer could be nasty for you. And those who were looking to visit any of the Orlando theme parks in the next few months? Save yourself the admissions price. From the airport, head straight to central Florida, lasso yourself a gallinipper, strap your kid on to its back, and boom: ride of a lifetime.

Other than the free thrills, the only other bit of good news about the giant mosquitoes is that they're not known for carrying diseases, and they're so large and ravenous, they'll eat other, regular-sized mosquito larvae.

Florida: America's scariest state since 1845.

What do you know about giant mosquitoes?


Photo via John Tann/Flickr

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