Drunk Driver Sues Friend Who 'Let' Him Drive Drunk & Kill 2 Teens

Talk about refusing to take any blame! A repeat drunk driver was convicted in a crash that killed two teenagers. But he's now suing his drinking buddy and the two restaurants that served him alcohol. He's actually seeking monetary damages from the friend he was out drinking with that night, as well as Applebee's and Blue Corn Cafe in New Mexico, for "emotional distress" and "loss of liberty and enjoyment of life." This from the man who killed two teens. Something tells me he doesn't appreciate the irony.


James Ruiz was reportedly out on bond after his FIFTH drunk driving arrest when he -- what else? -- went out drinking with a pal and had three times the legal limit of booze in his system when he rammed into a car containing teens Del Lynn Peshlakai and her sister Deshauna, who are 19 and 17. They were killed.

Ruiz was sentenced to 40 years in jail. And apparently he's still not taking responsibility for what he did. Not only is he suing the restaurants for serving him -- not an uncommon occurrence -- but his buddy for "letting" him drive drunk. As if his buddy could have stopped him, I'm sure. He had already been arrested for drunk driving five times. If the five arrests didn't stop him from thinking about the sixth, I'm pretty sure there's nothing his friend could have done to stop him.

Maybe his friend was supposed to knock him over the head, render him unconscious so he couldn't drive? Then he'd be suing about that.

His friend, Gilberto Mendoza, reportedly is the one who gave Ruiz the keys to the truck he was driving when he rammed into the Peshlakai sisters. He claims that the only reason the sisters were killed is because of the "chain of events" that his friend and the restaurants set in motion. Way to try and avoid responsibility.

You should always try to do anything you can to stop someone from driving drunk -- but it's a gray area. What if the person becomes violent or belligerent with you? This case is so screwy that Ruiz couldn't even find a lawyer sleazy enough to file it for him -- so he did it himself.

Have you ever stopped anyone from driving drunk? Do you think the friend was partially responsible for what happened?

Image via Tim Pearce Los Gatos/Flickr

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