82-Year-Old Woman Violently Dragged Off Train for Singing Hymns (VIDEO)

emma andersonThere can be a lot of annoying things about traveling on public transportation. You just want to get to work in the morning and you are often confronted by loud, obnoxious kids, panhandlers, even people ranting about some perceived injustice. It's just the way it is. But I can't imagine anyone feeling terrorized by frail Emma Anderson. She is the 82-year-old woman violently thrown off a Miami train for singing. She was in the midst of a bible hymnn and had refused to stop, which incensed the security guard. A startling video shows how he mercilessly manhandled the poor, elderly woman. Unbelievable.

That transit worker should be ashamed of himself. She's 82 for Christ's sake. I know he probably has a tough job dealing with a number of difficult personalities each and every day. Transit officials say there are policies in place that prohibit people from singing or playing instruments on the train. Well, Emma, who was singing and taping rolled up papers on her leg creating a drum beat, was said to be doing both. The security guard repeatedly asked her to stop and finally demanded she get off the train. When she didn't comply, he grabbed her bag intending to toss it outside and a brutal tug of war began. It's clear who the winner will be -- an old lady versus a young, strong man.

Take a look:

Even passengers were shocked by the brutality. As she was essentially dragged onto the platform and lay on the ground, witnesses gasped and asked for the guard's name. They were clearly upset by what had taken place. Honestly, this is taking his duties to an unacceptable extreme. Those hymns may have been annoying, but I would hardly call it a disturbance. His behavior was more of a disturbance -- and unnecessarily violent.

I can't imagine what this woman has undured in her 8 decades. If singing provides her with a lttle happiness and comfort, I believe her age has earned her a pass and definitely more respect than she was given. Emma suffered a bruised shoulder in the incidence and she's lucky her injuries weren't worse. People her age can break a hip very easily. I would be enraged if my grandmother was treated this way. It's just not right. I hope she files charges against that guard. With fury mounting over how she was treated, the mayor offered an apology but she deserves much more than that.

Given the noise policy, do you think the guard was in his rights to treat any passenger this way?
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