Coach Dies in Freak Accident on His Way Home From Doing What He Loved (VIDEO)

Marion AdamsIt happened right after Marion Adams left the place he loved the most -- the high school field where he coached football. The beloved 59-year-old teacher and coach was headed home on his bicycle after practice, when he turned to wave to a student.

In that instant, he crashed into a half-open parking lot gate. Somehow the force propelled him, and he was impaled upon a metal post. The description of the scene is beyond horrifying, and his family and community are left mourning the life of this widely respected man who dedicated his life to children.


This story and those of other freak accidents always take my breath away. The thought of your life being taken away in an instant, just like that, is daunting, and puts into perspective so many of the "little things" we stress about every day that so don't matter. They make me want to live my life with more purpose and more passion now, not someday, because someday may never come. And that's exactly how it sounds Marion Adams lived his life.

According to the Sacramento Bee, he had attended Rio Linda High School when he was younger. He graduated in 1972 and promised that one day he'd return to teach. After spending some time in the banking industry, that's what he did.

According to his brother, David Adams, he coached several youth teams as well, and sometimes bought equipment for those in need with his own funds.

Marion loved kids, loved seeing them do well. He gave up a job that paid really well to teach and coach at his favorite school.

So while it's difficult to see such an incredible man taken like this, at least we know that while he was alive, he lived his life well and with purpose. May he rest in peace.

Do stories of freak accidents like this make you want to live your life differently?


Image via YouTube

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