100,000 Killer Bees Attack & They're Not the Only Deadly Creatures Invading

beeYikes. What's up with the massively huge packs of animals in attack mode?! (Also, why do they all seem to be in Florida?!) First of all, we've got the bees: Almost 100,000 killer bees -- 100,000!!! -- attacked two very unfortunate workers at Picknick Island Park in Tampa. David Zeledon and Rodney Pugh were just trying to clear out some trash at the entrance to the park when they tipped over an old truck tire when the Africanized honeybees came swarming out; both men were stung hundreds of times before they managed to escape. OWWWWW!!! Said Pugh:

“It was like a thousand little knives poking me in my body ... It was like bees all in the cab ... So I’m trying to swat, and they say never to swat bees ... My ears were just throbbing with pain. It’s the worst feeling because you just had so many and they wouldn’t stop.”


OMG, OMG. Thankfully both men are expected to survive, but anyone attacked by the other killer creatures flooding Florida right now might not be so lucky. That's why South Florida beaches are closed to swimmers ... on account of the tens of thousands of spinner sharks spotted in the waters from Boca Raton to Jupiter. TENS OF THOUSANDS. If you're having trouble visualizing that many sharks in one place, imagine what the ocean might look like if it were an overcrowded fish bowl -- filled with sharks instead of goldfish. Um, yeah.

Marine biologists say the sharks are migrating north after spending the winter down south, but they're still very, very dangerous to human swimmers (we're probably like the equivalent of a road trip snack stop for these traveling predators).

Sheesh! It's like we're not safe on land or sea! What's next?!

Are you freaked out by the massive attacks of killer animals?


Image via minicooper93402/Flickr

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