SUV Crashes Through Roofs of 2 Homes & You Won’t Believe the Outcome (VIDEO)

suv lands on houseYou've got car crashes, and you've got CAR CRASHES ... and then there's this catastrophic crash, which falls into a category all its own. Nearly every single detail is more unbelievable than the last: The driver of this SUV was going so fast that he "didn't see" a sharp curve in the road. He hit a grass-covered ledge, his vehicle went airborne, and the heavy car managed to fly through a wooden fence and crash into the roofs of TWO houses before it stopped.

And you still haven't heard the craziest part!!


Here's the most unbelievable thing of all about this accident: No one, not the driver, not the people who woke up to the sound of an SUV flying through their roofs, NO ONE got hurt.

Can you believe it?! This is an accident that could have easily claimed multiple lives -- easily. The fact that even the driver wasn't hurt is nothing short of miraculous. Speaking of the driver, authorities say he "apparently had been drinking" and was "possibly saved by his vehicle’s air bags." Also, "he appeared to be sending a text message as he was loaded into an ambulance."

At least he wasn't driving the ambulance! Seriously though, this driver has got to be one of the luckiest people on the planet. His reckless actions could have ended his life and who knows how many others. Hopefully homeowner's insurance covers damage from flying SUVs.

Are you shocked that no one was hurt in this accident?


Image via KHOU

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