Brothers Accidentally Blow Up House While Celebrating Big Lottery Win (VIDEO)

lighterWhen normal people win the lottery, they do things like donate to local charities, pay off some credit cards, maybe take a vacation. But when two crazy brothers from Kansas win the lottery, they buy as much marijuana and meth that they can get their hands on, then blow up their house.


The brothers, whose names haven't yet been released, allegedly won $75,000 in the Kansas lottery then accidentally exploded their Wichita home.

Apparently, during their celebrating, one of the brothers went into the kitchen to refill some butane lighters with which they were going to use to light up their bongs, when, of course, some of the butane vapor was released, and, of course, it met up with stove's pilot light, and, well, kablooey goes the housey.

One of the brothers was rushed to the hospital by his girlfriend who promptly "took off" from the scene and has yet to be found, which isn't suspicious at all. Nope. Not a bit. By the way, the guy's in stable condition.

The other brother, 27, was arrested on drug charges at the remains of the home when he admitted to having weed and meth on hand when the cops showed up.

To have the luckiest moment of your life combine with the unluckiest moment in your life has got to be a real heart-breaker. I'd assume that the lotto winnings are now being used for hospital bills, lawyers fees, and a new home -- not exactly what they had in mind, I'm sure.

So kiddos, let this be a lesson. If you win the lottery, do not buy drugs then explode your house. But if you should find yourself in that situation, at least learn from one of the brother's most epic mistakes here -- do not wear a Kansas lottery t-shirt when you're admitted to the hospital after said win and explosion. That's just in bad taste.

Can you believe these guys?


Photo jnyemb/Flickr

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