Carnival Cruise Ship Full of Raw Sewage Returns With 'Vacationers' Full of Rage (VIDEO)

carnival triumph

The Carnival cruise ship that's been powerless and stranded in the Gulf of Mexico, AKA the SS Vacation From Hell, has finally made its way back to land. Last night, at around 10:15 p.m., passengers began to disembark the Carnival Triumph in Mobile, Alabama; the last "vacationer" exiting the ship at 1:00 a.m. Some people were seen kissing the ground after they arrived in the U.S. Others, understandably, are still reeling from the ordeal.

And, um, kind of can't blame them. Sleeping in a tent and raw sewage running down the walls -- not exactly a rejuvenating getaway.


One passenger, Brandi Dorsett was especially pleased to be back home, as she was on the cruise with her mother, a diabetic, who reportedly got poor treatment while they were stranded. Dorsett told ABC: "My mother is a diabetic, and they would not even come to the room because she cannot walk the stairs to help her with insulin. She hasn't had insulin in three days." Another passenger, Veronica Arriaga, is insulted by Carnival's attempt to reimburse them: "It's degrading," she said. "Demoralizing, and then they want to insult us by giving us $500."

After the ship docked, people on board began chanting, "Let me off! Let me off!" and sang "Sweet Home Alabama." One sign from someone waiting for their loved ones to disembark read: "Happy V-Day", while another read, "The ship's afloat, so is the sewage."

Ugh, this whole thing is just a nightmare. And while I don't think Carnival needs to pay off these people's mortgages, I don't think a voucher for another cruise is enough, based on the simple face that -- if you were on this cruise, why on earth would you want to take another one from Carnival? And unrelated side note: How much would it suck to have used up vacation days from work for this hot mess? Man, I'd be pissed.

Thankfully, everybody on the ship is safe. That's what matters most. But hot dog, what a shitty way to spend a week away. Pun intended(ish).

What would you want from Carnival if you were on this cruise?


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