Old School Singer Chubby Checker Is Not Happy About His Name Being Used to Sell Dirty 'Yard Sticks'

chubby checkerPoor Chubby Checker. Back when the singer skyrocketed to fame with "The Twist" in the early 60's, decades before things like celebrity sex tapes were commonplace and the need for dress codes at major award ceremonies, he didn't have to worry about his chosen stage name being used as a dirty double entendre. But times have changed, and in addition to sex tapes and dress codes we also have things like penis size-estimation apps, and, well, of course the developers of an app like that would name it "The Chubby Checker." Can you blame them? It's PERFECT. The Chubby Checker! Get it? HA!

Anyway. I can understand why the actual Chubby Checker (real name Ernest Evans) would be a little upset about having his name on this type of naughty novelty, especially since HP (the app was for the Palm OS) never got his permission and Evans did trademark "Chubby Checker" long ago. But suing HP for half a billion dollars upset?!


That's right, Mr. Checker (?) is suing HP for half a billion dollars, claiming the app -- which allowed women to plug in a man's shoe size and calculate the size of his junk -- caused "irreparable damage" to his "reputation and legacy." Um, sure. But here's the thing: The $0.99 app was only downloaded 84 times before it was removed from the App Catalog in September 2012. So Chubby Checker only owes Chubby Checker about 90 bucks. That's 90 dollars, as opposed to 500,000,000 dollars.

Sounds like somebody went and did The Twist one too many times and suffered "irreparable damage" to his brain.

Do you think Chubby Checker deserves half a billion dollars from HP?


Image via Phil Konstantin/Flickr

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