Fugitive Ex-Cop Believed Barricaded in Big Bear (VIDEO)

christopher dorner cabinIt looks like the manhunt for an "armed and dangerous" man may be almost over. Police believe they have cornered ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner, the man accused of killing Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence five days ago. The suspect has barricaded himself inside a forest cabin in the Big Bear, California area. But he's not going down without a fight. Reports now accuse Dorner of shooting two San Bernadino County sherriff's deputies during a gun battle. The injured deputies have been air-lifted to a local hospital.

Police created a perimeter around the area where they have the suspect cornered and have demanded the media stay far away from this still dangerous situation. We're far from getting closure, though. Police now say they won't know for certain that it really is Christopher Dorner until they have the man in custody.

In the meantime, the LAPD have a message for Dorner.


"Enough is enough, it's time to turn yourself in. It's time to stop the bloodshed, it's time for this incident to be over," commander Andrew Smith said. LA police officers are awaiting permission to assist in the confrontation. We still don't know the condition of the two deputies who were shot -- and our thoughts are with them and their families.

"Hundreds of rounds" were reportedly shot during the 30-minute gun battle with Dorner. Officers have the entire area in lock-down and are searching all vehicles leaving the area. Media have been asked not to show live video of the cabin at the moment because it could compromise their operation.

So we're closer to ending this dangerous drama. But we're not there yet. And because reporters are being asked to stay away, I don't think we'll hear anything new until it's all over. Hope it ends soon, and before anyone else gets hurt.

Do you think Dorner (or whoever it is) will turn himself in soon, or will the standoff continue?

Update: As of 10pm ET, CNN is reporting that a body believed to be that of Christopher Dorner has been pulled from the burning cabin, which went up in flames shortly after our original post. Earlier it was also announced that one of the San Bernardino deputies who was shot by the suspect was also killed.

Update #2: At a press conference around 11pm ET, LAPD officials provided an update that "no body has yet been found' in the cabin. Any reports about a body are not confirmed at this time.


Image via CNN

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