Principal Won't Retract Gay Marriage Support & School Fires Him for It

gay prideAn English teacher and administrator has been fired for coming out on the Internet in support of same sex marriage. So what kind of backward school would drop Assistant Principal Mike Moroski from the faculty simply for being nice to gays? A Catholic one ... of course.

Moroski is both straight and married, by the way, and he's already earned hero status in my book. Purcell Marian High School gave him the chance to sign papers retracting his pro-gay rights statements, and Moroski said uh uh, no way, no how.

He's sticking up for what's right ... even though it cost him his job. Gee, who could learn from someone like that?


Maybe some high school students?

I know I'd love to have this guy in my kid's school. And not just because he is accepting of people who are different. He's also brave enough to put "right" in front of the almighty dollar. As Moroski said of his refusal to back away from his statements about gays:

I believe in Catholicism. But my conscience will not permit me to recant my statement ... I put it up there because I really truly honestly believe it. I’m absolutely willing to lose my job over this. The only difficult thing for me now is the students.

That was when he was still on administrative leave. He's since been fired from his post, even though he was popular with the students.

The fact is, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is likely within its rights to remove Moroski from his post. His comments, written on a personal blog, may be right, but they're also in direct opposition to the teachings of the church.

He knew that going in, and his bravery could be seen as foolhardy as some, especially in this economy. Most Americans can't afford to lose their jobs, no matter what their core beliefs are. Causes, even those near and dear to your heart, tend to take a backseat to putting food on the table and keeping a roof over your head.

But his nobility is something we could use more of in America. If there were more Mike Moroskis, maybe we'd have fewer corporations walking right over people to make a buck.

Would you put your job on the line to stand up for a cause?


Image via Julien Haler/Flickr

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