Devastating Mississippi Tornadoes Happened With Almost No Warning (VIDEO)

Hattiesburg tornadoesIf you had any doubt that the weather is getting more and more insane across the globe, check out the footage from the devastating tornadoes that touched down Sunday night in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Amazingly, no one has been reported killed yet in the storms that ripped apart hundreds of homes and destroyed parts of the University of Southern Mississippi.

Even scarier: The people had little to no warning. According to witnesses, the sirens went off and then it was on top of them. While those of us in the Northeast were digging out from a mighty, epic snowstorm.

Is it just me or do we no longer have mini weather events? It's like all of a sudden, everything that happens is the most. It's the hottest summer on record, the most devastating hurricane in hundreds of years, the most snow in decades. On and on it goes. It may be time to consider the fact that global warming isn't just some made up thing. It's real. And it's affecting us.


I am not a scientist and I don't claim to be. This is why I rely on experts like Michael Mann, a climatologist who directs the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University.

He spoke to The Huffington Post and compared Nemo and even Superstorm Sandy to a basketball slam dunk where global warming is the floor being raised. Before, it would have been harder to make that shot, but with the higher floor? It becomes more and more likely. 

The reality is, even though it's technically cold (OK, not technically, it IS cold), it's usually colder this time of year. In other words, it's too cold to snow. So because of this warming trend, plus added moisture in the air ALSO caused by global warming and the warmer seas, we are probably in for more super weather events like Nemo.

Now were the tornadoes caused by global warming? It's really anybody's guess. Some say tornadoes have actually been in DECLINE because of global warming. Others say their severity is increased thanks to the same thing.

Regardless, no one can deny our climate is changing and that we do need to focus more efforts on decreasing our contribution to this trend. It's scary. And it's not going away any time soon.

Does global warming worry you?


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