9-Year-Old Who Gave Birth Reportedly Sterilized Against Her Family's Wishes

child's handsHers was a hard story to hear. A 9-year-old girl giving birth to a baby when she is just a baby herself. It brought tears to our eyes. The victim of a sexual assault, police in her Mexico town were on the hunt for who they believed to be the father. Though, in the days since the delivery, more has been revealed about the young girl's life, her family, and the sterilization she was forced to undergo, as reported by the Daily Mail Online. Unbelievably, the tale is even more tragic than we knew.


Doctors decided to sterilize her against her family's wishes. Her mother was apparently so angered by the decision, she has reported the hospital to the local human rights commission. It does seem incredibly outrageous. This girl has had to endure something no child ever should at such a young age. She clearly had no choice with what happened to her. But these doctors, it seems, have taken away another choice. We don't know what she will want for herself in the future. She may want to have children when she is an adult and that right has now been stripped away. In many ways, it feels like they are further victimizing the victim.

However, her life, by many accounts, has always been pretty bleak. Neighbors told the Mail Online that she was the "caretaker" of the family, cooking all day instead of going to school. But it gets much worse. Neighbors also claim her mother was a prostitute and may have tried to recruit her daughter into the business.

Family members also made shocking allegations against the girl's stepfather, claiming he has had a history of inappropriate behavior with her and may have sexually abused her. "She's just a child. The girl's mother is in love with him so she protects him, and this is what happens," a relative said. Apparently, the family fled before the police and mayor arrived to their home to question them further. When the story first broke, the father of the baby was believed to be a teenage boy, but now there will be DNA testing to rule out her male relatives. Simply horrifying. With a life already so heartrending, I can only hope and pray the future becomes somehow brighter for this poor child.

Can you believe this girl's story is even worse than we originally thought?

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