Monster Blizzard 2013: How Many Inches Will Record Storm Nemo Bring?

Northeast blizzardIt's going to be a monster blizzard even if the name isn't very scary at all. The massive nor'easter is expected to dump at least 18 inches of snow in New York City and possibly up to three feet in some parts of New England. Oh. My. God.

But seriously, Nemo? How am I supposed to be scared of a storm named Nemo? Cutesy name or not, many are predicting this is going to be a storm for the record books. Having lived in Boston for 20 years and now living just outside NYC, I am skeptical. But still feeling cautious.

In Boston, all schools have been canceled. Mayor Thomas Menino and Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick are encouraging people to stay off the roads. All over the Northeast, flights were being canceled, travelers were allowed to bow out of flights without charge, and grocery stores were mob scenes. It's going to be epic.


As for snow totals, it's anyone's guess. But the predictions so far seem to be:

  • New York City: The city is looking to see about 18 inches, which seems paltry in comparison to some of the predictions for other cities.
  • Hartford, CT: Some are calling for 37.8 inches of snow. Whoa. That's a lot of the white stuff. Sort of a sobering thought.
  • Boston: The city is looking at upwards of three feet, which is INSANE. If the worst happens, it could fall about two to three inches per hour with many obsessing over the "Great Blizzard" of 1978 and how this could be the same.
  • Portland, Maine: About 34.4 to 43.75 inches of snow are predicted.
  • Cape Cod: Eight to 12 inches of snow.

There is also going to be plenty of wind and drifts and God knows what else. I have seen a lot of snowstorm panic in my day (do I sound like a weathered salty dog?) and this seems different. This seems potentially epic.

With things like this, there is only so much prep work you can do. We have enough food for three days. We have some bottled water, clean clothing, and snacks. We have movies and blankets and flashlights and whatever else we need. 

From that, who knows? It's coming whether we like it or not, and as of tomorrow, all the predictions in the world won't matter. Whatever falls will have fallen.

Are you nervous about this storm?


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