Car Crashes Into Medical Building & Dangles Precariously With the Driver Inside (VIDEO)

Talk about your freaky car accidents. Just before 10 A.M. on Wednesday, a Toyota Camry careened off a parking structure at Kearney Mesa medical center in San Diego, and lodged itself between the garage and the adjacent Children’s Hospital. The driver, a 70-year-old man, was unable to be rescued for 20 minutes -- because the car was suspended 20 feet in the air over a staircase.

Witness Jody Taylor, an EMT with 13 years of experience, witnessed the whole thing and narrowly avoided being hit herself. She said she tripped over a raised part of the road, causing her to pause. She watched as the car whizzed past her and over the side of the building. Someone honking at him had apparently startled the driver, and he errantly hit the gas.


“I immediately ran to the car,” Taylor said. “Honestly it felt like it took me forever because I didn’t know what I was going to see; if he hit any kids, etc. As I got closer I saw he was hanging on the edge. And I started yelling ‘Don’t move…don’t move!!’”

Afraid that the car would lose balance, she shouted into the broken window below to a security guard, “Get everyone out of that building now!” She described the driver as “dazed and confused” and was very relieved when the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department showed up and was able to get the man out of the passenger door. He was not hurt.

Fire department spokesman Maurice Lugue told reporters it was “through the grace of God and some good luck” that the car went across, rather than straight over and down, hood first into the stairwell.

Holy moly, what a crazy story! I’m so glad this guy is ok, and that no one was hurt -- especially those kids in the Children’s Hospital he hit! What a reminder to thank God for small blessings, and also to be careful both in and around cars.

Have you ever heard about an auto accident this bizarre?

Image via Fox 5

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