Woman Sues Gym for Making Her Do 'Humiliating' Exercise Routines

workout class fitness yoga exerciseI go to the gym. I take classes. Sometimes, the instructor yells, "Shake your shoulders!" Other times, it's "Shake your hips!" Sometimes it's "Squat!" or even "Double squat!" or sometimes even, god forbid, "Spread your legs! Wider!!" To think I thought all of this was normal talk for an exercise routine. But apparently I may have been humiliated in a lewd fashion. At least, this is reportedly what happened to Jamie Johnson, whose gym trainers allegedly made her perform "humiliating exercise routines." Is there any other kind?!


According to Johnson, who worked out at LA Fitness, she was made to do "strange exercises." And when she asked her instructor about these "strange exercises" (which aren't detailed), he allegedly said, "So I can see your chest move while you do it." Uhh, maybe he wanted to make sure she was breathing?

But that's not all, folks. Johnson asked for a new trainer, but this one had the temerity to send her a "vulgar" text message -- which her 5-year-old son saw on her phone. Now her son is traumatized, natch.

Johnson also reportedly claims that she and her husband have suffered emotional trauma. Hey, the gym can be traumatizing for sure. It's supposed to be! Anyway, Johnson is suing LA Fitness for not providing a "safe workout environment." She can't sue for "sexual harassment" because she doesn't work there.

I'd be curious to know what exactly the trainers were making Johnson do. Exercise on the whole is a rather provocative thing -- you kick, you lunge, you spread eagle. Sometimes trainers even say things like, "Let's get that butt in gear!" Is this sexual?! I dunno. Maybe there's more here than is being reported.

And what did the trainer text that was lewd? Why'd the trainer even have her number to begin with? All a bit odd. Maybe Johnson just doesn't understand exercise. It actually involves your body.

Have you ever been asked to do "sexually suggestive" moves at the gym?


Image via Lululemon Athletica/Flickr

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