Woman Tattoos Guy’s Name on Her Face 24 Hours After Meeting Him

I get true love. Sort of. And I get tattoos. Sort of. What I don't get is true love tattoos. Hello, how many more stories of celebs inking their "forever" loves' names onto their body before having to laser it off years later after the divorce or breakup do we need? And now for what I REALLY don't get. Face tattoos. Yeah, not for me. So let's combine all of these things that I only kinda sorta get into one big HUGE ENORMOUS thing I will never get in a zillion years. And that is a woman who gets her boyfriend's name tattooed on HER FACE. Oh, and there's more ...


The woman, who is only identified as Lesya and who lives in Russia, apparently met her boyfriend, a tattoo artist, in an online chatroom. After they met up in person, it was love at first sight. So much so that Leslya allowed her brand spanking new BF to tattoo his name, Rouslan, in large, black Gothic font on her face. Less than a day after meeting him! 

The couple immediately became engaged too (another story!). Lesya has already changed her last name to her boyfriend's last name, Toumaniantz -- even though they're not married yet. Which I guess hardly matters when you've already committed your face to him. "If you guys split up, she better find another Ruslan," joked someone on Lesya's Facebook page. Only it's not a joke! Lesya, what up wit you, gurl?!

People do some crazy things for love, but name tattoos have to be the craziest. It's one thing to get your mom's or kid's or pet's name. But do you really want to be stuck with the name of your boyfriend -- the one who dumped you for your best friend -- forever? Call me unromantic, but I also draw the line at husbands' names -- unless you've been together for at least 10 years. I swear, there oughta be a law.

But face tattoos? No, no, NO. This young woman has no idea how difficult it's going to be to get a job, to get people to take her seriously, or even how to grow into being a different person -- which she absolutely will be in a decade or even less. Let alone how to look in the mirror and see HERSELF and not her BOYFRIEND. Who will hopefully at least be around for awhile. Sigh, sigh, sigh. Lesya, whyyy???

Lover tattoos -- bad idea. Face lover tattoos -- Worst. Idea. EVER.

Would you ever get a face tattoo?


Image via Lesya Toumaniantz Facebook

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